When I arrived at the beach, the moon was just in front of me, a huge beautiful silver orb above the dark horizon of the Pacific Ocean. My friends were not there yet — only the ocean, the moon, the earth and me. I sat down and the moon flooded my being in such a way that there was no longer any difference between her and me. I felt the ocean pulsing through my veins and its waves beating with my heart. I fell into a deep and silent ecstasy.

A few hours later, this intense union came to its…

A Hymn to Women

5000 years ago the lands of today’s Egypt and Mesopotamia were conquered by warlike Indo-Europeans — who subsequently chose themselves as the pharaohs. What went down in history as a glorious union of Upper and Lower Egypt was into a brutal oppression of the indigenous population, a peaceful advanced civilization protected by Queens and Priestesses, consecrated to the Great Mother, Nature, fertility and Women.

Why does no one in Western historiography speak of these matriarchal Queens? Why do we hear about the glorious conquerors, pharaohs and kings — and no one speaks of the suffering, destruction, subjugations, rapes and murders…

When I was traveling in Mexico at the age of 21, a friend told me about a healer. A woman. A very strong woman. He told me she had cured his family from a spell. Immediately I felt that I wanted to meet this healer. Not because of a special question I had, but because I felt a magnetic attraction to this realm, where things seem to happen in different and mysterious ways. We travelled to her house. She knew that I was coming long before I called her. We sat in front of each other and both of us…

Amba Casturi O'Hara

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